Is the future now?
Is the future now?

About Michael LaBelle

Dr. Michael LaBelle is an associate professor and the Jean Monnet Chair in Energy and Innovation Strategies at Central European University. He holds a joint appointment between the Department of Environmental Sciences and Policy and the Department of Economics and Business.

His research is centered on energy governance, innovation strategies, and energy justice. The role of state institutions to foster investment is central to understand the role of companies in developing new energy technologies. Professor LaBelle’s past research focused on policies and regulations behind Central Europe’s energy systems, including geopolitics of gas and neoliberal market reforms.

He has published widely on the attempt to foster a shale gas industry in Eastern Europe. He teaches courses on energy policies and technologies, including sustainability and innovation. Much of his research involves issues of risk governance, with special attention paid to the sunk cost of energy investments. In addition, he has written peer-reviewed articles and consulting publications on the strategic movement of energy firms and the regulatory environment in the Central Eastern European region.

Dr. LaBelle has conducted a range of energy research projects in the Central Eastern European region as well as the United States. These include understanding the role of governance and regulations involved in the transition towards liberalized and sustainable energy markets. He has worked on projects for USAID, the European Commission, and the Energy Regulators Regional Association.

Before joining CEU, Dr. LaBelle worked as an independent consultant, for his company Limax Energy, his clients and partners include international organizations, consulting firms, and universities. He held the position of Research Associate at the Regional Centre for Energy Policy Research at Corvinus University from 2005 to 2009. He has a Ph.D. and MSc in Geographical Sciences from the University of Bristol.


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